Scanycash is a unique loyalty card program designed to give back more by raffling monthly cash prizes. Register your card and spend a minimum of 25 AWG or at one of our affiliated partners and automatically entered into our monthly raffle to win. We’re raffling over 5.000 AWG in prizes each month from cash to gift vouchers and much more. So what are you waiting for? The more times you scan, the more chances you have to win!

A Scanycash card. When you scan your scanycash card, you get a chance to win one of the monthly raffle prices.

Register your card

Registration is easy, just click on the link provided and follow the instructions.

Scan the card during payment

Every time your card gets scanned you get a new chance to win during the monthly raffle.

Spend more than 25 AWG, at participating locations

The more you scan the more chance you have to win.

Get a chance to win

Win prizes up to 5.000 AWG every month!


Check if you’ve
won here!

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Volkswagen car that you can win by scanning with Scanycash.
A guy with curly hair and yellow shirt. Become a winner with Scanycash!
A happy woman with a white t-shirt on. With Scanycash, you can become a winner every month!
A guy with white shirt is acting surprised. Enter the raffle every month and win with Scanycash!
A happy man with a white t-shirt and straw hat on. Start scanning today with your Scanycash!

Download Scanycash app

Don’t want to walk around with your card everywhere? No problem! Download our Scanycash app to register your card and scan directly from your phone. Click the link people to download our app, available on Google Play and Apple Store.


The Scanycash App. Download the app now to start scanning with Scanycash.

Register your card today!

How to register your Scanycash card?

  1. Get your Scanycash card at any of the participating merchants
  2. Use your card at least once (have it scanned)
  3. Register (obtain one free raffle seat)
An example of the Scanycash card. Scan through life with Scanycash today!


Scanycash is a digital raffling system. You can scan your Scanycash card with each transaction of 25 AWG or more at the companies affiliated with Scanycash. You will then receive a free digital raffle seat and have the chance to win various prizes at the end of each month.

1. Get your Scanycash card at any of the participating companies
2. Register on our website, app or fill out the form and return it to the merchant
3. After registering you will be awarded a free raffle ticket

The Scanycash app provides you the possibility to see all your digital raffle tickets. It also shows you the map of Aruba with all the locations of the companies where you can scan your Scanycash app. Our app also shows you the list of winners of the raffle from the previous month and gives our users notifications about Scanycash!

To change the contact information you have to download the Scanycash app from the app store or play store. Login with the account that was registered under the Scanycash card. Click on the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen. After you click the gear symbol you can then change your name, e-mail, date of birth, address and neighborhood.

1. Download the “Scanycash” app on AppStore or PlayStore.
2. Select “Forgot my password”.
3. Fill in the e-mail address that is registered to your Scanycash card.
4. Check your inbox for a password reset email.
5. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password.

Simply select winners on our website to see the list of winners, check our Facebook, Scanycash App & the Winners list at the companies.

The winners get announced on the last day of each month on our live-stream, website & Facebook.

Prizes can be redeemed every Wednesday at our office which is located at Ponton 2, lokaal 1.
We are available between 9:00 AM to 12:00PM and 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

Winners can claim their prize within 60 Days.

Sadly there’s is no other way to get the same Scanycash card, the only solution is to pass by one of the affiliated companies of Scanycash and ask for a new card.

You must go into our Scanycash app and click on the ‘Prizes’ button.